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Goose Hunting Sweden

with no bag limits we fulfil your dreams

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About Goose hunting Sweden

I have hunted geese for over 30 years and been a professional outfitter for 15 years. Located in the very south of Sweden with fast and easy access to Copenhagen DK international airport 45 minutes from accommodation and main area. Species are canadian-, greylag- and barnacle-geese and on request mallards.
To keep costs as low as possible for our clients we keep a tight guide team mainly me (Kristofer Hansson) Mikael Andreasson and Gert Nordström (head of retrieving and logistics).
Don't forget to practice your shooting skills from various blinds before you come here. Our goal is ethical hunting with minimum of wounded birds and never shoot on distance beyond what one is capable of. Respect of the birds goes always first.

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