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How it started!

I was born on a farm and at the end of the eighties the geese staring to increase rapidly and become a problem for us farmers. When i turned 18 and got my own shotgun (Mossberg pump) I started to hunt the geese just outside my bedroom window. At that time before internet and web shopping I couldn't find any decoys or blinds so I made them myself along with some poor Italian plastic shells. But the skills improved along with the possibility to import decoys from US. 2004 my reputation have reach outside my farm and I was taking over the geese hunt on world famous geese area the estate of Barsebäck. I started to guide hunts and along the way the areas increased and techniques and equipment improved. Well here  I am today doing what I love most in the world. Along with the outfitting I am still a farmer and since 15 years back also working as a hunting journalist/photographer.

//Kristofer Hansson

Your are welcome to come hunting here!
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